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discovery or sudden realization of something
See nosaphilia example
AHA! I knew some one else loved dan bs nose!!
by The Bitch Herself! Mwah x May 14, 2005
The freshest new wave band out of Europe. They owned the 80s and had that dope ass video that was half pencil for "Take On Me"... the singer has mad range in that song... he's like better than Moz.
"A-ha owns your asshole and doesn't even bother to use it."
by JayR August 27, 2003
the best band in this god damned world.the lead singer Morten Harket, has a falsetto voice and the most beautiful face in all of the world well norway at least, then theres paul waaktar savoy on guitar and magne furuholmen on keyboards ( early on they didn't have a drummer they used drum machines now they have various different drummers) they hail from Norway. Trivia. Morten Harket started the ripped jeans trend in the 80's by accident he caught his denims on an amp then started to use a razor to create the affect. people may think a-ha are a one hit wonder but a little research will prove you wrong THEY ARE NOT CHEESY!!!!
a-ha is the greatest living band in the world.
by is-maith-liom-gneas October 15, 2006
a nervous laugh. basically used to tell the person theyre weird in a nice way
creeper on facebook: you're cute
nervous girl: aha thanksss
by 345874326y7gtrf June 22, 2010
An exclamation that shows you use before you point something out
A-HA! I knew it was you dubie! don't try to hide from me.

A-HA! There's my mallet!
by Annchan October 01, 2003
The mathematical equivalent of experiencing an orgasm—usually experienced when one proves a conjecture, or solves a vintage problem in a creative way.
The aha! feeling takes place when the mind is far from its analytical state—when one is doing some boring tasks like walking the dog, watering the plants, or washing the window panes.
by MathPlus July 25, 2016
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