Aha, is something men say to women, when they don't give a fuck about what the women are saying.
Woman: So honey, we have to buy a present for my sisters birthday.

Man: Aha.

Woman: OMG! My BFF bought the same dress as me. She is not my BFF any more!

Man: Aha

Woman: Darling, can I borrow some money for a new purse?

Man: Aha

Woman: Do You even listen to me?!

Man: Aha
by Twelveandwise November 05, 2012
originated from block 19 2006, it is used to describe the natural behavior or skills of a person that can be seen with an obnoxious MOLE on the second quadrant of his nose. commonly known as "womanizers" in other cultures, he seeks to annihilate the virginity of virginians.
hoy rap! baket ibang babae na naman kasama mo?! ahas ka talaga!!
by manunundotisterero2007 March 21, 2007
1) A greeting

2) A way of expeessing excitement

The word comes from Steve Coogans fictional character Alan Partridge - who had three successful series including a chat show on the BBC
1) I'm Jack Cooper, A-ha! Your John Myung...

2) Oh my God its Rodger Moore - A-ha!
by I'm Jack Cooper April 01, 2005
that's like "oh" with a smirk
J: What are you doing?
S: Playing video games
by Kaxospere February 26, 2011
A sarcastic way to tell someone that they fucked up and did not complete their task correctly.
He got Aha'd for being lazy on the job.
by 1337Gingerkid February 24, 2010
Hot girls that go to an all girls private school. Prettier than IHA.
Best all girl's school ever. Has the most amazing cookies. Just an all around better school than IHA with prettier and real people.
AHA girl: IHA girls are fake bitches

IHA girl: i wish i could be real instead of fake...
by ANGELS are SEXY November 18, 2010
A gay user who enjoys circle jerks and gay sex with gay black men.
aha! has a shitty username
by shoooter February 13, 2005

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