Used on messenger services such as AIM or MSN as a laugh.
You're quite gay ron, aha!
by Phil Swain December 25, 2003
Acryonym: Amarpaul's Hacking Association (AHA).
Not available
by blackstar (Hacker XYZZY) June 06, 2004
egyptian arabic for, what the fuck!
yo he just macked 2 lesbians by the bar, aha!
by Omar May 06, 2003
Another word for owned
"I found you. Aha..."
by Rane July 16, 2004
Amber Haters Annomous

for amber also see bitch or whore
Ill see you at the A.H.A. meeting tonight
by Mike March 03, 2005
also spelt 'ahha' or 'a77a'. Arabic expression of extreme disgust or dissatisfaction.
as in, 'Bush just invaded iraq?! Ahhhhaaa!'
by zimo August 15, 2004
academy of holy angels

were all the unathletic, ugly girls who couldnt get into IHA go

all their sports teams suck and none of the boys schools like them...except for bergen but there all gay
Boy 1: i found a girl for you...from AHA
Boy 2: helll no...id rather die a virgin
by ktlyneeee July 23, 2006

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