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a)jewish american princess
- wears only designer labels
-will never have a job in their lifetime
-her house is huge for no reason
-only liked by other JAPs
-extremely easy
-hair is ALWAYS straigt
-side pony tail or "messy bun"- and it takes them hours to do it
-they "heart" everything
-typical outfit:
---so-lo pants
---north face flece
---puma sneakers
---5 polos at once
-hated by everyone in valley cottage and nyack
b)the entire population of felix festa middle school (new city and congers)
(girl walks in wearing a pink northface and pink tye-die solos and her hair is in a messy bun)
Nyack Girl: damn japs
by ktlyneeee July 23, 2006
academy of holy angels

were all the unathletic, ugly girls who couldnt get into IHA go

all their sports teams suck and none of the boys schools like them...except for bergen but there all gay
Boy 1: i found a girl for you...from AHA
Boy 2: helll no...id rather die a virgin
by ktlyneeee July 23, 2006

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