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Anyone but United. Referred to people or sentiments that are, generally, anti-Manchester United.
That fuckin ABU at the daily mail chats shit: Anderson would slap Gerrard into tomorrow any day of the fuckin week.
by Evariste Renook Galois March 20, 2008
arabic word meaning 'the father of'
abu mohammed was really happy to see his son get married tonight.
by flutty May 19, 2005
the monkey off aladdin, he is brown
abu: aladdin, i think im in love with jasmine.
(abu is dead)
by katie bolton June 04, 2005
This name is not usually common but when you see an Abu they are usually not hard to miss, tall,athletic with dark brown/black skin, extremely smart but ocasionally lazy and always makes everything as a joke, Abu's are usually very friendly and sometimes a little mischevous and they can tend to be liars, they usually mount up to be successful people when growing up and they take no joke when it comes to their money, when coming across an Abu you should watch what you do or say but once friends with one then you should never let go
Woah did you see what car abu had today? that guys is making some serious money
by don king12 July 25, 2011
a sly scumbag whom is a homewrecker and hides behind girls because he is afraid of being hit by others for his actions.
"oh man did you hear how john pulled an 'Abu'"
by mylyn October 07, 2013
All Bonged Up - Something that is screwed up in a silly, unnecessary, or ridiculous fashion.
Man, all of the mice died, his experiment is ABU.
by ChipSlap August 07, 2007
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