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mohammed is an islamic prophet of God
Mohammed was the historical founder of the religion of Islam, considered by Muslims to be the last messenger and prophet of God
by sunpascal March 13, 2007
The dude whom it is forbidden to draw. No cartoons! Causes rioting and discord. Strange.
Man! Did you see those crazy ragheads rioting over those silly cartoons of mohammed?
by Murray Rothbard February 08, 2006
A person you cannot say anything bad about or you get blown up. You also cannot draw him or you get blown up also.
Urban dictionary has censored all negative descriptions about mohammed/mohammad/muhammed/muhammad for fear of being blown up.
by flash40073 July 04, 2010
Dates back to 572 AD when it was first given to the Prophet of Islam. The origins of the name are Arabian, roughly translating to "Blessed" or "Praised." It is now officially the Most common name in the world.

Unfortunately, due to the downfall of intelligence in some countries of the world, citizens bearing this name often face undue prejudice from the bottom of the social barrel.
Scenario 1
Ming: Whats your name?
Mohammed: Mohammed
Ming: Nice to meet you! My name is Ming. What do you do for a living?
Mohammed: Nice to meet you too, Ming. I am a doctor. What do you do?
Ming: I am an engineer.
by The__Doc February 05, 2010
A mohammed is a generic name for a taxi or taxi driver in a major US city i.e. NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia etc. As a large number of cab drivers are either named mohammed or are islamic.
Bob - Dude where are all of the mohammeds? I am in a hurry to get downtown.

Ted - Dude, they're all praying or's a holy day or something.
by philanewbie September 06, 2009
50% av befolkningen i förorterna väster om Stockholm
Person 1: Eyyyy Mohammed!
Halva orten: Va äre bror?
by Gais May 19, 2015
The last prophet of Allah(god). The most honest and greatest person in the universe ever.
Mohammed is the greatest person ever in the history.
by sanbook August 02, 2008
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