say "ah boo"

The cutesy way of saying "I love you" when for some silly reason you can't say "I love you".
Abu. Good night. See you in the morning.
by Doctor Livingstone May 14, 2005
1. Ass Blow Up - A rumbling prelude to a Boston Tea Party in the toilet felt in the lower intestinal region.

2. Ass Blew Up - The past tense of a poopy time explosion such as seen with explosive bull ass syndrome.

3. Ass Blowing Up - The physical act of blowing a watery diarrhea blast out of your ass.
I had Hungry Howies for dinner last night and it gave me a bad case of ABU. It's more like Hungry Blowies. A real dis-ASSter.
by Mattyboyee June 07, 2007
That kid in your class who is the arab kid. Even if he doesnt wear a turban, the kids arab. Normally has a funny voice.
Yo abu, you ride the camel to school today?
by Bo Jangles Crunk October 31, 2006
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