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Verb. To make an already strange/creepy/outrageous situation much more so. From Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. After Ving Rhames and Bruce Willis were captured at the pawn shop; the two crackers brought out a ball-gagged, leather-clad prisoner--and things got really wierd.

Past tense: Brought out the gimp.
Things were already pretty fucked-up at Abu Ghraib, but then Grainer and England decided to bring out the gimp by arranging a naked man pile.
by ChipSlap January 17, 2007
To semi-consciously linger in a slow and public death, much as Arafat himself did in late 2004.
I'll bet the Pope really Arafats it out when he goes.

Grandpa Arafatted all of his money away to the nursing home.
by ChipSlap February 01, 2005
The highest level of absolute fiasco. An event or process where NOTHING goes right.
The war in Iraq is a total fuckshow.
by ChipSlap February 01, 2005
An Afronym is the Ebonics equivalent of an English word.
The Afronym for "Person" is "Muffucker," as in the sentence:
I told that muffucker to stop dat shit.
by ChipSlap February 01, 2005
For Christians, is Jesus.
For Muslims, is Allah.
For Jews, is Jehovah.
For Zaroastrians, is Ahura-Mazda.
Q: What's the difference between a Christian and a Five-year-old child?

A: A Five-year-old child doesn't insist that his imaginary friend is King of the Universe.
by ChipSlap August 20, 2006
Swedish Porn. Especially that made by Private before it became widely available in the rest of the world.
Let's go to the video store and get some pjorn.
by ChipSlap February 22, 2005
To refuse to take sick time from work when one needs it, resulting in communication of the disease-causing microbe to unaware colleagues.

Usually accompanied by the mistaken attitude that one is indispensible at work.
I'm sick because my boss is a Wipke.
by ChipSlap February 03, 2005

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