Anything But Clothes
a b c parties are great. Girls come in cones, caution tape, towels, they get pretty creative
by G Haney March 26, 2007
Australian Boredcasting Corporation
Have you listed to ABC NewsRadio lateley? How boring?
by Trisr March 17, 2007
Sweatshop working environment, most likely from the tech industry. Always Be Coding.
We have a release tomorrow. We can accomplish if you remember three little letters, ABC. Always Be Coding.
by preppy325 March 06, 2006
abc (a-bee-sea)

1. Explains what normal english words cannot explain. Usually only used within cliques or groups, whereby people understand each other to the extent that the word abc conveys messages more powerful than any other words can.
2. Stupid ol' filler text.
that's so "abc"
foot fetish is so "abc"
by excelsium May 20, 2005
Its a kind of warning you get given by the police if your too young to go to jail. it happens if you deface public property, or joyride or do weed and stuff too much. they can give you kind of parole conditions.
oyu have 3 warnings, then you get ABC'd for violation of a term then if you do summat agen you get an ASBo tehn you got jouvie.
by Twiggy13 May 17, 2005
Australian Born Chinese, differentiates from FOB Fresh off the Boat,eomone who migrated recently; or a Honky Born in Hong Kong, who moved overseas when a young kid.
Hey are you an ABC, FOB or Honky
by gumgal January 25, 2005
ABC - Always Be Careful
What to do when using the Internet
by Jbx December 06, 2004

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