The response to XYZ; Thank you.
"Dude, xyz."
"Oh! Abc!"
by Hackermeyer December 05, 2008
i like my ABC's ..........
by sadman64 May 16, 2008
abc see means ass ball connection. When a girl sits on a guys lap and her ass is on his balls its abc.
Mary was sitting on my lap and i got total abc.
by Achie Yolbo April 26, 2008
Anybody But Clinton. An acronym (initialism) used when you don't care who wins the election as long as it's not another Clinton.
Who you voting for? ABC....anybody but Clinton.
by Willy C. February 06, 2008
"All Bunch of Cunts" forget the "of"
1- look at them haters up in there hood
2- come we rush them there all ABCs
3- ABCs here we come!
by stev3n January 06, 2008
Australian Boredcasting Corporation
Have you listed to ABC NewsRadio lateley? How boring?
by Trisr March 17, 2007
Anythin But Caucasions. Its a tv station
Hey Johnny how'd u get a job at ABC.
Im 1/4 Navajo bitch.
Ohhh i see.
by bastardnson December 18, 2005

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