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1. n. The greatest song.
2. pl. Plural of change
I see no changes.
Now there are.
by Normal_Criminal January 09, 2004
Scientific word for the muscles in the buttocks, a.k.a butt, a.k.a ass, a.k.a arse
Damn that chick has a nice gluteus maximus
by Normal_criminal December 31, 2003
The best damn food there is. It's basically ground beef mixed with a dark gravy, all covered in pie pastry.

Best with some tomato sauce and a can of VB.
Four and Twenty meat pies, Sargeants meat pies, Mrs. Macs meat pies, they're all good...
by Normal_Criminal June 15, 2008
American Born Chinese.
Lookie the abc on the news.
by Normal_Criminal January 09, 2004
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