Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas

Describes relationship of people, who know each other for long time.
they're having abc-sex for a while
by mshadow February 04, 2008
Anything But Clothes
a b c parties are great. Girls come in cones, caution tape, towels, they get pretty creative
by G Haney March 26, 2007
Anything But Carolina

Some sports fans despise Carolina (UNC) so much that they are willing to cheer for anyone else.

My favorite team is NC State, but when they are not playing, I'm ABC.
by absolutencst February 22, 2007
Automatic Boner Chick, A beautiful woman that gives you instant boner gratification.
Pat: Dude that is one fine ABC

Chris: I'm one step ahead of you buddy
by mysteryman09 June 29, 2006
For those of you who have made it in sales:

When no matter what someone says, you make them buy anyway. ABC!!!!

Client: "I really do not have the money right now"
Sales Rep: "Wait, your telling me that you just came in here to look. Come know that you want to buy this, and I know thatI want to sell it to you. Why don't you tell me what you CAN afford, and I will show you what that will look like in your house".
by ghostman168421 April 17, 2006
Sweatshop working environment, most likely from the tech industry. Always Be Coding.
We have a release tomorrow. We can accomplish if you remember three little letters, ABC. Always Be Coding.
by preppy325 March 06, 2006
Anythin But Caucasions. Its a tv station
Hey Johnny how'd u get a job at ABC.
Im 1/4 Navajo bitch.
Ohhh i see.
by bastardnson December 18, 2005

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