1. American Born Chinese, see CBC. Or any other country starting with the letter A in American's place.

2. Already Been Chewed, referring to chewed gum.

3. A silly way of saying the word alphabet.
1. Chinese Girl: "Where were you born?"
Chinese Guy: "I'm an ABC."
Chinese Girl: "Oh. I was born in HK."

2. "Did you seriously chew that gum I gave you? It's ABC!"

3. "I know my ABCs like the back of my hand.
by destroyher July 26, 2005
Already Been Chewed. A-B-C gum
ABC Gum- a friend passes you gum from there mouth and asks "Hey you want some ABC gum?"
by Mattchew May 31, 2005
Australian Born Chinese, differentiates from FOB Fresh off the Boat,eomone who migrated recently; or a Honky Born in Hong Kong, who moved overseas when a young kid.
Hey are you an ABC, FOB or Honky
by gumgal January 25, 2005
ABC - Always Be Careful
What to do when using the Internet
by Jbx December 06, 2004
Already been chewed - as in gum or other things

American Born-Chinese - as in born in a chinese person born in America..Need i say more?
im ABC mang rep it to the fullest! keep the shit guttah
by ZeRo1337 October 26, 2004
Adult Body Check.
I cant look, please do an ABC!
by elaynah December 10, 2003
african bum cleaner. clings to you like a piece of old gum.
fuck i this gum rminds me of abc
by Anonymous September 07, 2003

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