1)The Australian Broadcasting Company ABC
2)The American Broadcasting Company
3)stands for the asshole broadcasting comapny where companies like money hungry disney do useless things to control the minds of america
I hate abc and disney
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
Number Four. Even the WB's gaining speed on em.
by Alex July 12, 2003
a used gum (Already Been Chewed)
kid1:hey you have gum?
kid2:i only have ABC gum
kid1:lemme have some
kid2:ok*pulls his gum out his mouth*
by DSHGFCJHBV,MNBVJ March 13, 2009
The response to XYZ; Thank you.
"Dude, xyz."
"Oh! Abc!"
by Hackermeyer December 05, 2008
Stands for after-blunt cig

Can be used as a verb, as in "to ABC" which means to smoke a cig(arette) after smoking a blunt.

Man: Bro can i getta cig? I need to ABC.
Bro: Nah man I only got two left.
by imdrinkingapplejuice November 18, 2008
"Ass be canned". Opposite of CBA
Man: Why can't you just do it
Woman: Cba
Man: hell no, ABC
by Stroopid May 02, 2008
abc see means ass ball connection. When a girl sits on a guys lap and her ass is on his balls its abc.
Mary was sitting on my lap and i got total abc.
by Achie Yolbo April 26, 2008
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