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When said ten times fast sounds like 'Anal Lovin'
811, Eight Eleven, Eight Eleven, Eight Alovin, Aint Alovin, Anal Lovin
by MyDogFarted January 23, 2012
A number you can dial on some telephone switches to have the line's number read back to you.
A: What't the number on this phone?
B: No idea. Call 811.
by Dirty Larry May 15, 2004
the shit
chet: u aint no 811
faggot: hell yea i am bitch
by annonymous December 18, 2003
the poor left out number in the chain or #11's that actually mean something =(

It feels left out...
Callie: 811! 811!

Ki: wtf?

Callie: I dunno =(
by theeclique November 15, 2003
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