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pronounced leet, often in reference to the word elite, strangely derived from the year 1337 when the Muslims were finally able to defeat the Bizantine empire. They were truely the first 1337 kr3W h4x025
The uber army is 1337.
by norbert April 09, 2003
47 59
A word used to describe something or someone as "elite", as in pro. Only used by idiots who think 1337speak (also known as nubspeak) as an appropriate way of talking on a forum.

Note: this term may be used appropriately when

1. Mocking 1337speak
2. IMing (depending on context- very rarely)
OMG lyk im 50 1337 cuz i got 5323873 gold!!!11111

OMG pwnzors item is so 1337 it has 53438 atk and 32584 def!
by Cardwacko October 19, 2006
8 21
It is what newbs do to try to sound cool, no real hackers use it today.
Javaman800: u n3wb 1 p00n u s00 84d, 1 s00 1337
Big Guy: English... you study it your whole life... use it, dumbass.
by ghonad February 05, 2006
11 24
1337 is highly over used in todays internet gaming community. but it used to be use by elite hackers to esape control from the man. now it is use but stupid kids who sit in there basement and have no out side life, which is good because if they used it in sn outside life they would be locked in a basement for the rest of there life.
1# ¥0/_/ ©4/\/ ®34l) 7}{15 ¥0/_/ /\/33l) 70 637 141l). you stupid dumass 1337 poser.
by [}{l215 l21[}{4l2l) September 28, 2005
10 23
A word used to easily pick out nerds
Google Results 1 - 10 of about 2,890,000 for 1337. (0.09 seconds)
by APfromMSP August 11, 2005
19 32
1337 stands for the word "Elite". 1337 converted into letters is leet, which is the pronounciation of the "lite" part of the word.

The reason why leet is substituted for numbers is because that's how hackers used to type in order to avoid suspicion and detection.
That's what 1337 means you fucking morons.
by pres November 10, 2004
11 24
When one feels particularly gay, one screams out at the top of their voice: "I 1337! lol lol, you all pwned, lol lol!" like a 12 year old girl, whilst pointing frantically at each and every person around them to confirm one's superiority.
I good h4xor ! win c0unt3r5trik3! you all sux0rz! I 1337! You all pwned! (pointing at everyone frantically as one speaks like David Brent does in his office dance)
by C0ke June 05, 2004
51 64