Belived to be first used by game designers, not hackers. It was used to keep hackers to finding out secerts about games, but was soon figured out.
teh 3nl>1n6 15 6o1n6 7o 3nl> w17h 3v3ry0n3 l>3al> 1337 speak
(the ending is going to end with everyone dead) regular
by jeff,aka u b N00B,aka thejeff August 26, 2008
language for hackers and some retards
"that stupid kid only speaks in 1337"
by Seraph117 December 04, 2007
Known as leet or elite. Internet talk using improper grammar intentionally.
Lol j00 suxXorzz is an example of it meaning basically you suck
I am 1337 no one can stop me.
j00 k3n7 hand31 teh 1337 s34k!!!2111!!1!!!
by Lol i em teh hotness May 02, 2006
Andypants. THE definition of 1337. Kaethxbai.
I don't need an example of Andypants being 1337 simply because it is SO true. (h)
by Phoar@yourpants! December 17, 2006
A way that 13 year old morons type in their blogs/livejournals/whatever while using other badly spelled words, limited punctuation and very few capital letters.
Apparantly, back in the dark ages it was used by hackers but right now it is only used by people with the IQ's of grapes to appear 'cool'.
1337 speak is for m0r0ns. w00t.
by Caraga. March 25, 2005
1337 meaning elite.

Came from Counter Strike. ANYTHING ELSE IS STUPID.

1337 Krew was the counter strike model. Today people are newjacks using the word 1337. Condition Zero or Source is also newjack.
Pick the 1337 krew guy, he's 1337.

Guy 1: I just dropped a 30 bomb.

Guy 2: 1337

by jackncokejr May 10, 2007
pronounced leet, often in reference to the word elite, strangely derived from the year 1337 when the Muslims were finally able to defeat the Bizantine empire. They were truely the first 1337 kr3W h4x025
The uber army is 1337.
by norbert April 09, 2003

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