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A word commonly used in a language known as Leet Speak, or 1337 5|>34|<. 1337 5|>34|< is a variation on the traditional English alphabet with a few variations such as "leet", which is derived from "elite." Most often used by computer and internet-savvy teens and adults under 40, occasionally in an effort for acceptance.
1337 = leet = elite
by Miranda March 29, 2004
A term and cipher used by retards and idiots with a fourth grade education.
by Peyton February 05, 2004
Elite. Originated among AOL users who believed that downloading an AOL-hack program made them 1337 h4xx0r d00dZ (elite hacker dudes), and that they were so cool they needed to talk in "code". This resulted in a "language" known variously as h4xX0r353, 13375p33k, 14M3r353, or simply 1337. It is characterized by mispelled words, random capitalization, excessive use of eclamation points, and, wherever possible, numbers in the place of letters. No genuine hacker would be caught dead typing in this manner, except possibly to mock the idiots who actually use it.
d00d 3y3 4m 50 1337!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
by Shinigami September 15, 2003
1337, the cool langauge for pwnage noobs. 1337ly used in secrecy and informalness.
Some of the above 1337 letters were wrong in definition 3:
N can = |\|
G can = (,
Y can = '/
T can = "|" or '|'
Q can = <|,
W can = '//
And example of 1337 as I'm sure you all gathered by the above would be:
(0'//80'/, 15 73|-| 13370|2 |\|008 '//1|) 73|-| |>'//|\|/-\(,3 |\|/-\|\/|3
Cowbox is the leet noob with the ownage name.
..............cool.new guy.......better than others
by Cowbox February 03, 2006
leet of 1337 was once used by eleet hackers so that they could not be understood by someone who wasn't a hacker it was later picked up by silly childish people who play counterstrike (due to the fact that they wana play mmorpgs like all of there friends so they pick up the first one they hear about which is the hacked to shit counterstike) to sound hardcore or like a hacker when realy they just look silly
1337h4x0rz13254 says: h4rh4r j00 !5 p4wN'D
realgamer:shut the fuck up loser
by sionlinn September 04, 2005
1337 = l33t
l33t = leet
leet = eleet
eleet = elite
elite = ghey
Wow, that guy got pwned by noob, and he says he's 1337. lol.
by capmer February 18, 2005
Just plain scary that so many people can define this and be able to actually understand. Maybe even go so far as to call it a language.
The 1337 people are fuxxin freaks!!!!
by Age January 23, 2005