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Slang for cocaine.
You bring the bitches i'll bring the shnez.
by skinflute April 28, 2003
toatlam; used to refer to the female genitalia (vagina). Usually to describe a medeochre class of vagina easily obtained by the opposite sex.
This party we're going to better have some toatlam or i'm out. Alternatively;
Man, I got me some toatlam lastnight and my dick burns like a motherfucker.
by skinflute April 28, 2003
A term used by smartasses to replace the term used by people who do not speak english; "how you say?" usually accompanied by a badly faked foreign accent.
Hey Jeff, can I borrow your boat this weekend?
Hrmmm, uhhhh, komashequa...go fuck yourself.
by skinflute April 28, 2003
Used to describe a sick feeling or disgust in something.
I've felt like pyuk ever since lastnight's party.
Bob: So did you meet that skank you talk to on MSN?
George: Dude, pyuk.
by skinflute April 28, 2003
A word meant to mean leet (elite) written in numbers, each number corresponding to a letter. Used by kids who just found the internet and think it's zeroday shit that hackers do. You're about 9 years late kids and it was never considered cool. Also used by little gaywads for passwords to things they consider important.
Gaywad: m4ng 3y3 537 my p455w0rd 70 3r337h4x0r n0b0dy wi11 b3 4bl3 70 h4x0r my c0d3z.
by skinflute May 06, 2003
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