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n. someone very good at counter-stike or any other multiplayer online game (cept maybe the sims)

adj. something "elite"
n. daym that guy is l337

adj. that was some 1337 sh1t man
by val March 27, 2003
meaning 'Elite' subs letters for numbers and symbols, used in the gaming world
by Anonymous February 25, 2003
A word used by anyone who trys to sound more "in the know" about cracking, pornography, online games, forums, and/or skills. Commnly used by wannabe's, newbies, and just plain old morons.
Dude! My Counter-Strike skills are 1337!
My FXP Board is 1337!
by P Diddy January 13, 2003
1. A language commonly used by programmers and gamers.
2. 1337 for "elite"
D00d! 7#15 (#335394k3 15 50 1337!
by Cheshire Kitty May 25, 2002
What so-called 'gamers' use to be all cool. And chick gamers who use it to be cool are just fucking stupid. If a chick gamers friend who isn't a gamer so much as changes one E to an 3 she'll go all apeshit on you and pretend you're not good enough to be her friend.
"Hey, Emily." "OMFG! You can't be 1337!"
by kwisten xp May 26, 2007
1337(leet) usually meaning someone is very good. Be it games or what not
Cuber 351 is 1337 all the way beeyoches.
by A Friendly Messenger September 19, 2006
1337 is a word commonly used in the internet society. It is an abreviation of the world elite and is used to describe one who is obsessed and/or is pro at something.
Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is 1337est of them all?
/\/\! |2|20|2, /\/\1 |2|20|2 0/\/ 73|-| \/\/4|_|_ \/\/|-|0 !5 1337357 0|= 7|-|3/\/\ 411?
by Shale September 09, 2005