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A very popular manga written by Natsumi Mukai, and distributed by TokyoPop. It follows Cooro, Husky, Nana, and Senri (a crow, fish, bat, and bear +Anima respectively).

+Anima were, at some point, human, but gain the power of a certain animal. For example, in Cooro's case, he sprouts jet black wings from his back to fly. The +Anima have a human form, where the only sign of their +Anima is a tattoo where the change occurs.
I just got another issue of +Anima. I heard that Cooro fights in an arena in this one.

Rose is a cat +Anima, and her hand grows claws when she changes into her +Anima form, her hand grows claws.
by William Addler August 12, 2009
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