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Cocaine, coke, a popular drug for child actors
"Chi chi, get the ya yo" - Tony Montana in Scarface
by Dwang January 20, 2005
the white powder known as nose candy, cocaine, snow, blow, yay...
yo, wheres all the yay-o at?
by tigerswan March 08, 2004
That wonderfully white powder that is oh so pleasing when snorted up one's nose. Also known as yay or coke or cocaine, this strong stimulant creates a very intense, short-lived, and addictive high, to be soon followed by a longer-lasting and equally intense come down which can be depressing and sleep-inducing.
Josh loves snorting yayo so much, he binges for 36 hours straight. After the 36 hours are up, he comes down and bugs out, fiending whole cartons of Marlboro Red cigs.
by Arieh August 17, 2006
Cocaine. This is a wonderful drug, but be careful. If you snort it wrong you can die, and come downs are a bitch.
"Ay foo I is so ayo fo yayo!"
("Hey fool I am so crazy about cocaine.")
by skeetyii November 20, 2007
Nick name for crack or cocaine.
It's a no go on the ya yo.
by sairuh August 03, 2007
street name of dominican drug dealer: Santiago Luis Polanco Rodríguez
that was the street name of the dominican drug dealer creator of the crack, in the early 1980's. and yes this was before scarface, Santiago Luis Polanco Rodríguez (yayo) is the name of the all time biggest dominican drug dealer, whom introduced crack across many states in the USA.
by Rodelfy Seifer March 01, 2008
Yayo is referred to as crack or cocaine because of Santiago Luis Polanco Rodríguez who is former Dominican drug dealer considered to be the first mass marketer of crack cocaine in United States. His street name was Yayo.
In the Scarface movie some of the Spanish disco music....they are singing "dame yayo"
by maciiiii August 07, 2010