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Used commonly by some as an expression of concurrence or in a celebratory manner.
Hector: Hey Skinny d, are you going out tonight?
Skinny d: Yayo!
by lanceddd April 26, 2008
5 6
If anyone here knows espanol this slang term for coke is spelled llello, duh...
"Chi Chi, get the llello"..."tambien!"
by wowo September 11, 2003
35 37
A nickname for tobacco that you snort.
Last week we got buzzed off that yayo.
by Be96 February 19, 2011
0 4
slang term for cocaine, popular among American hood gangs
yo homes, how you makin yo' pay?
I'm slangin' ya-yo fool!
by Darealpimp July 20, 2003
37 41
A Big Girl; Plus size woman
Tony Yayo from G-Unit raps on the song "Fat Chicks" by G-Unit;l meaning he likes "big girls"
by RocktownPrincess July 22, 2005
2 7
the act of making someone snort a line of your semen while you have sex doggy style
Joe yayo'd that girl last night, she wont be able to breath right for a week.
by Deathorglory February 04, 2010
2 10
A slang term for the narcotic cocaine.
i ran three miles after hitting up that YaYo party last night.
by demtris October 01, 2006
7 16