A term relating to either cocaine or money.
Manz has got to withdraw some yayo from the bank init.
by Gtizzledabizzle August 15, 2010
Used commonly by some as an expression of concurrence or in a celebratory manner.
Hector: Hey Skinny d, are you going out tonight?
Skinny d: Yayo!
by lanceddd April 26, 2008
If anyone here knows espanol this slang term for coke is spelled llello, duh...
"Chi Chi, get the llello"..."tambien!"
by wowo September 11, 2003
slang term for cocaine, popular among American hood gangs
yo homes, how you makin yo' pay?
I'm slangin' ya-yo fool!
by Darealpimp July 20, 2003
A slang term for the narcotic cocaine.
i ran three miles after hitting up that YaYo party last night.
by demtris October 01, 2006
All the definitions i have checked about the word "yayo" are incorrect. "Yayo" means "grandfather" in Spain and not in spanish, only in Spain. The word for "Cocaine" is yeyo.
Tony Montana in Scarface: "chichi get da yeyo"

In Spain: Como esta tu yayo? (how's yo yayo?)
by MalcomCzup August 07, 2006
A Big Girl; Plus size woman
Tony Yayo from G-Unit raps on the song "Fat Chicks" by G-Unit;l meaning he likes "big girls"
by RocktownPrincess July 22, 2005
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