A slang term for the narcotic cocaine.
i ran three miles after hitting up that YaYo party last night.
by demtris October 01, 2006
Yayo is the spanish word "llello". To make it easier for the english people to pronounce it properly they said "yayo". It sounds the same thing is spanish so STOP TRIPPIN!!!!!!
Man yesterday i sold an ounce of that yayo.
by Brandon October 03, 2004
Cocaine. The actualy spelling is llello. The use of yayo came about after some wannabe punk kids thought it was spelled that way. Fuckers.
"Sling llello and yo ass is smack."
by Ashby January 02, 2004
cocaine ... this is the proper spelling yet people believe it is correctly spelled "llello". (usually people who have used the drug several times and belive they know how it works)
I railed a diesel sized line of yayo.
by jgrizz September 01, 2003
-Cocaine also known as coke.Often a term used bya thug or gangster.
-It is actually a spanish word spelled llello, however, it has been,like many other words, americanized.
Thug- Yo dawg , can you hook a g up with some yayo?
Thug's homie- Yeah dude, how much you want?
Thug- About a gram yo.
by bizel October 05, 2005
I users term to describe the horrible drug Cocaine.

Shortened versions(IE. Yay, Yo) are also the same thing.

Tip: Stay away from this drug
Hey bro, I just got 20 bucks, lets go get some Yayo
by User wanting to quit April 13, 2006
This word became popular after rapper E40 made a song about it. now i cant say he started using it first, but he had a popular song around 97 called "slangin yayo".

it is true that it first appeared in scarface, but i never saw people writing "yayo" before e40.

he is from the san fransisco bay area and sometimes the "east bay" is reffered to san yay. anyway, getting back on point yayo means cocaine.
i hope i dont go back to slangin yayo-slangin what-- yayo-- to get my mayo.

mayo = money
by mooseboy84 August 12, 2004

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