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24 definitions by zephyr

A word made up by Cross Country runners to be used for anything and everything, including all parts of speech and profane and non-profane substitutions.
Thet you.
I thet your mama last night.
Holy thet!
by zephyr August 09, 2003
10 10
Vehicle of choice by jews geographically located in Logan County. Features include cheapass fingerpaint decals, a coffee-can rice burner tip, a ghetto turber charger that only succeeds in making the weedwhacker engine whine even louder, and a parkbench on his hatch for resting after giving oral to other jews.
"Why the fuck is there a wing on that wagon?"

"Who's the dumbass that put a system in a saturn?"

"What did that jewbish have on his windshield? Wangin Wagon?"
by Zephyr October 27, 2003
4 6
being shaped like, or having similar characteristics to, a dot.
dippin' dots ice cream is very dotular.
by zephyr November 27, 2003
1 4
Something my father called me and my friends constantly when we were younger and acting hyper.
"Well looks like we got a couple of Wacky Wetards here. I'll the School system and tell them to send over the short bus with a couple of extra leather helmets
by Zephyr May 04, 2004
2 13
Going absolute friggin' insane
"And then he went all buckfutter and starting banging his head against the tree!"
by Zephyr June 02, 2004
8 36
To be quite frankly honest.
I think she's an ugly ass bitch, tbh
by Zephyr March 27, 2005
7 37
See Boogers
"Oh boy! Num nums!"
by Zephyr May 06, 2004
3 34