24 definitions by zephyr

The act of a large, naked fat man girating his hips rapidly in a sexually suggestive fashion to make his limp Piggly Wiggly flop around.

Fancy free can also indicate that said fat naked man gaily dances through fields of flowers with his arms above his head and flapping his hands rapidly like a bird in flight, just like a pretty ballerina
"Would you ever beeeeeeeeeee so FANCY FREEEEE to let your naked Pee pee Swing in the morning Breeeeeeeeeezeeeee!"
by Zephyr May 06, 2004
To want something. play on "I want to"
"Unna go outside naked!"
by Zephyr April 24, 2004
Cocaine smoked like Crack
My English Teacher forgot how to read following thirtenn goofballs
by Zephyr April 02, 2003
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