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one whose head is full of farts!
"Your mom is a farthead!
by Zephyr May 06, 2004
The act or love of making whoopie with dead, baby animals. See also Richard Gere
"Hey Vern, Are ye up fer some necrawhatchamahoosit?"
by Zephyr May 03, 2004
the contemplation of soup. wrap you minds around that one for a bit.
while deciding on an apetizer, i engaged in heavy zomoskepsis.
by zephyr November 27, 2003
A word made up by Cross Country runners to be used for anything and everything, including all parts of speech and profane and non-profane substitutions.
Thet you.
I thet your mama last night.
Holy thet!
by zephyr August 09, 2003
Texas Gaming Festival, held in austin from time to time. Several hundred gamers and kilos of caffeine.
I am going to txgf in august
by Zephyr August 31, 2004
The antonym for Unna. Play on the words "I don't want to"
"Unnawunna go outside naked"
by Zephyr April 24, 2004
Blunt-tipped instrument of destruction, in the wrong hands it can cut a swath of waxy filth across the cleanest of construction paper

Most people like to use them, but unless you're Assyrian, I wouldn't touch them, much less pronounce them.
Adrienne, I miss you
by Zephyr December 25, 2003

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