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those little cardboard thingies they put around your cup of coffee at starbucks. they call it a cup-sleeve, but it actually is called a zarf.
hey bob, my coffees too hot. throw me another zarf!
by zephyr November 27, 2003
186 75
A cupholder on a submarine. Can be found riveted to any vertical piece of sheetmetal
I got this new coffee mug, and its still zarfable!
by clubwilliams August 05, 2009
30 17
A cruel chalicelike holder for a hot coffee cup.
by donth October 26, 2003
35 35
(verb) The feeling of having to pee and puke at the same time. This usually happens when you are laughing your butt off, or if you are really nervous.
I think I'm gonna zarf!!!
by yacawa May 23, 2012
4 8
To barf and pee simultaneously. This usually happens after laughing your butt off.
"Haha that was a funny joke Bob!"
"I know, it made me zarf!"
by chickenfried September 09, 2012
10 15
To zarf something means to misrepresent or misunderstand something in a huge, embarrassing way. It's a neologism created by writer/performer M. C. Brennan, in affectionate reference to the character of Zarf on "All My Children". The antonym of grok.
Dude, when I said I liked metal, I meant Metallica, not Stryper. You totally Zarfed me.
by Adam MacLeish January 24, 2007
14 25
Zarf is a term for an authorized hacking assault on a computer system, for purposes of testing the sytem defences. The useage is military and government. The term zarf was recently declassified, but not defined, by the American military.
The CIA autorized a zarf of the Pentagon invoicing system.
by Roy Thomas September 21, 2005
13 35