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what i do involuntary. it is a discordance b/t the tongue lips and jaw. also believed to be involved with the bones of the inner ear. there are methods of retraining the vocal patterns of stuttering, but they are very hard to maintain, for it take total concentration for the stutterer, no just what he says, but how be breathes, how he begins his speech, all the way down to the next breath. for you fellow stutterers, check out www.stuttering.org. works wonders. 2 week school in Roanoke, Va.
hard "E" and "A" sounds, as in "everyone," or "apple." caused by too much pressure on the vocal folds (IAP, Increased Articalitory Pressure), compounded by the tightening of the tongue, lips, jaw, and everyone in the f-ing room staring at you wondering what you are gonna say. is it Apple? Against? Antartica? Ant? wow, the suspence! such is the suffering of stuttering.

by wode December 15, 2006
To utterly fuck something up to an incredible degree.
The team got Houlihanned.
by Wode September 04, 2011
Capital city of Afghanistan. Located in Kabul Province, northeast Afghanistan. People cannot drive, walk out in front of you without looking (then get riot-level pissed if you hit someone), or ride their bikes out in front of you. Dusty, dirty, has good bread and a decent radio station, Kabul Rock (108.0 FM). The Taliban were driven out for the most part, but pop their man-loving, women-beating, limb chopping, self-detonating heads up occasionally. Home to the HQ of Afg Nat. Army and Nat. Police, ANA and ANP.
Man 1 - Off to Kabul again?

Man 2 - Yeah, need to pay off the mortgage...

Man 1 - Get some bread and don't get blown up dude! And watch your cornhole, I heard man-love is all the rage over there. And watch out for the ANP, they're a bunch of dicks.

Man 2 - Will do.
by wode April 29, 2011
an ancient heraldic name from the county Roscommon in central Ireland, dating from the 3100 BC, named by king Foinne Natca, meaning White Snow in Gaelic. from his name comes Finnerty, Finney, Finnely and other such deritives. so, the name Finnerty is as old as the pyramids. stupid name, eh?
the Finnerty's emigrated in 1848 in Boston.
by wode July 02, 2007
A woman in the Arab world. Usually married to Hadji. Hadjettes are used for procreation only, other Hadjis are used for pleasure.
Doughboy 1 - "Man, hadjette got her ass stoned beat for cheating."

Doughboy 2 - "Damn. Guess it sucks to still live in the 14th century."
by wode October 09, 2010
When you are working a girl's clit with your thumb, and you stick a finger, usually middle, (off the same hand) in her ass. Similar to the shocker. Also, a litmus test for anal.
I was working working her clit, and C-Clamped her, she liked it.
by wode May 29, 2009
A person who is not a active in militant Islam, but is a sympathizer or supporter of the cause, without actually being part of the movement. Referred to the JCTTF, FBI and others as "self starters" or "home grown terrorists" in the making.
Nidal Hassan, Adam Gadahn, and others until they decided to believe their own hype, go from Jihobbyists to full blown (HA!) Jihadists.
by wode June 13, 2011

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