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To utterly fuck something up to an incredible degree.
The team got Houlihanned.
by Wode September 04, 2011
A joint (or cigarette) with only one draw left before reaching the Filter is known as a "Houlihan" as it is hot on the lips when inhaleing this comes from the character Major.Margaret (hotlips) Houlihan from the tv program M*A*S*H
yoyo you wanna toke on this Houlihan?....
by Beebop... August 11, 2009
The last few mmillimetres of a joint where taking a puff will result in 'Hotlips'

....also known as butt-slut
"Hey, do you want this?"
"No way! I ain't taken none of yo' HOULIHAN'S!"
by pickled beast September 01, 2006
Twenty-something year old girl from South London perpetually spotting D-list celebrities in the west end.
'wow - guess who I houlihaned last night - the guy who came forth in Big Brother 6 years ago'

'I'm so lucky, I houlihaned the star of sunday morning 'Worship' TV on sunday walking around in Mayfair.
by against celebrity spotting July 22, 2008