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When you are working a girl's clit with your thumb, and you stick a finger, usually middle, (off the same hand) in her ass. Similar to the shocker. Also, a litmus test for anal.
I was working working her clit, and C-Clamped her, she liked it.
by wode May 29, 2009
a sexual fingering techneque. the index and middle fingers are out, and curved. so is the thumb. they are curved to make a "C shape." the thumb is placed in the vagina, the index and middle fingers are placed in the anus. after insertion, much pressure is applied.
I C-Clamped my bitch so hard that she waddled the next day.
by BOWURZ April 08, 2005
For gay males: A man places his penis against another man's penis and has either party or a third party hold their hand in the form of a 'C' and jerk off both male organs simultaneously.
I walked in on my gay brother c-clamping his buddy and I left the room before I could find out who busted first.
by justiz33 June 14, 2010
butt plowing a male partner while simultaneously reaching around him and yanking his dong. a.k.a. a reach around.
Rodney c-clamped his dog during the commercial break.
by runny logs June 02, 2011
When you make the shocker(two in the pink, one in the stink)and use the thumb as a "free rover" to stimulate other areas of the woman's sensual areas. If executed properly, the hand will form a "C" shape, hence the "C-Clamp".

The shocker is nice but the C-Clamp is better. I gave the old lady one last night and she vibrated worse than a Furby on crack!
by Master Andresti January 06, 2006
use instead of dropping the c word. in context it will be understood, and it sounds offensive.

drop c-clamp in a class discussion and see what happens
you f*cking c-clamp!
by pwned September 08, 2004
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