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Capital city of Afghanistan. Located in Kabul Province, northeast Afghanistan. People cannot drive, walk out in front of you without looking (then get riot-level pissed if you hit someone), or ride their bikes out in front of you. Dusty, dirty, has good bread and a decent radio station, Kabul Rock (108.0 FM). The Taliban were driven out for the most part, but pop their man-loving, women-beating, limb chopping, self-detonating heads up occasionally. Home to the HQ of Afg Nat. Army and Nat. Police, ANA and ANP.
Man 1 - Off to Kabul again?

Man 2 - Yeah, need to pay off the mortgage...

Man 1 - Get some bread and don't get blown up dude! And watch your cornhole, I heard man-love is all the rage over there. And watch out for the ANP, they're a bunch of dicks.

Man 2 - Will do.
by wode April 29, 2011
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