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A large wad of disposable cash,generally obtained illegally, preferably spent on Hennessey and hos.
Yo James, let's hit the strip club, I got mad guap to blow.
by Wizmasta December 29, 2008
A half full beer left over from the party the night before.
I came downstairs this morning and the living room was littered with clunkers.
by Wizmasta January 03, 2009
The southwest's version of a crack whore. A scrabrous, filthy skank who will suck you off for $5.00.
I was trying to chill at the Double Down in Vegas but I was being totally hassled by a fucking,hideous Meth Mite.
by Wizmasta January 09, 2009
an act of excessive stupidity or ineptitude, eliciting disgust or derision from it's viewers.
The Detroit Lions offense is an absolute, fucking, clown act.
by Wizmasta January 09, 2009
Slang for a joint, marijuana cigarete. Meant to be used in mixed company or just for a laugh.
"Are you comin over to chill with us tonight?"
"Who's gonna be there?"
" Just me, you and Sparky the J."
by Wizmasta January 09, 2009
a hillbilly,bumpkin, hick usually ugly,ignorant and uncoordinated
I visited a few college down South and they were filled with Zekes !
by Wizmasta January 03, 2009

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