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6 definitions by Wizmasta

A large wad of disposable cash,generally obtained illegally, preferably spent on Hennessey and hos.
Yo James, let's hit the strip club, I got mad guap to blow.
by Wizmasta December 29, 2008
659 448
A half full beer left over from the party the night before.
I came downstairs this morning and the living room was littered with clunkers.
by Wizmasta January 03, 2009
53 18
The southwest's version of a crack whore. A scrabrous, filthy skank who will suck you off for $5.00.
I was trying to chill at the Double Down in Vegas but I was being totally hassled by a fucking,hideous Meth Mite.
by Wizmasta January 09, 2009
26 3
an act of excessive stupidity or ineptitude, eliciting disgust or derision from it's viewers.
The Detroit Lions offense is an absolute, fucking, clown act.
by Wizmasta January 09, 2009
4 0
Slang for a joint, marijuana cigarete. Meant to be used in mixed company or just for a laugh.
"Are you comin over to chill with us tonight?"
"Who's gonna be there?"
" Just me, you and Sparky the J."
by Wizmasta January 09, 2009
1 1
a hillbilly,bumpkin, hick usually ugly,ignorant and uncoordinated
I visited a few college down South and they were filled with Zekes !
by Wizmasta January 03, 2009
20 59