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A game that often people can't pronounce.
You can't pronounce graal.
by Viktor December 10, 2003
Morpheus from the matrix
Dat magic negro kicked tha white agents ass foo!
by Viktor December 10, 2003
russian secret service...the new kgb
fsb, dumbass, get out of the fucking car
by viktor January 13, 2005
a corrupted Sound Team member on Xone, once killed the whole server with one slash of his sword that he stole from Nishoku.
Outlaw Immortal killed me 28 times in the last hour!
by Viktor December 10, 2003
H4mx0r is your, he is all around you and all inside you, do not fear the H4mx0r, H4mx0r is good.
That H4mx0r sure owned you! xoxoxo omg pass the bong!
by viktor February 06, 2005
A really crappy band with very little musical talent.
Did you hear the latest Eve 6 song? Yeah, they sound like freakin' hippies. They suck.
by Viktor April 20, 2005
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