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Hugs And Kisses
xoxo gossip girl

after an email, sms or some type of text; end it with xoxoxo name.
#hugs #kiss #tougue #love #pull #xoxo
by Swinginglegend March 04, 2009
The "O" is obviously a vagina and the "X" is the tape you use to shut that bitches mouth closed.

She totally wants you to stick it in her "0" while you tape an x over her mouth. The amount of sets of "xo" relates to the amount of time a minute she wants you
Natalie: I can't wait to see you tonight babe! xoxoxo
Reed: Should I bring the tape or should you?
Natalie: Oh Reed(Black Jesus)
#love #sex #tape #xo #xoxo
by 01134 May 19, 2011
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