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Manolis (pronounced Man-oh-lee) is the name of an ancient Greek king, at that time commonly known as King Manolis. Manolis meant king in ancient greek.
- All bow to the king, king manolis!
by upsideinside November 06, 2009
A phrase used as a comeback when hearing a piece of information that you find false. Similar to saying 'sure' sarcastically.
P1: Dude my penis is literally 3 feet long, no joke.

P2: Like hell it is!
by upsideinside November 03, 2009
An insult which means that a man has graduated from being just a normal pain in the ass by recieving his degree in 'fagmanship' meaning that he is now a glorified faggot.
John: I hear Peter has AIDS

Petrer: Well at least i don't have a degree in fagmanship, faggot.
by upsideinside November 03, 2009
When one fails to say amscray, making one seem like a fool for failing to pronounce leading to hysterics.
a woman walks into a male bathroom

by upsideinside November 03, 2009
Code word for when a man and a woman are in sexual intercourse and the male finds the wrong hole and is not aware but still continues to do his business while the female either accepts it and thinks its a kinky change or objects in ourtrage.

Useful for when in a public area to not attract attention whilst still getting the message across.
P1: Dude, you hear what happened on the weekend? Chelsea and Ben were going at it and Chelsea got chocolate pie'd.

P2: Dude thats fucked up.
by upsideinside November 03, 2009

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