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Manolis (pronounced Man-oh-lee) is the name of an ancient Greek king, at that time commonly known as King Manolis. Manolis meant king in ancient greek.
- All bow to the king, king manolis!
by upsideinside November 06, 2009
A geek. Has an ugly ass girl friend who's name probably starts with a c or k.
Is that a Manoli over there?
by Anti Atheist Jesus 5eva May 15, 2016
To overcomplicate things in an effort to extort an undue gain or advantage.
The Sales Manager totally screwed the sales person's best deal of the year when he went totally Manolis on the customer and pissed him off for trying to cheat him on the lease deal.
by Margaret Thatcher's Dog December 28, 2008
Manoli is a person who doesn't give a damn about nobody. He is almost heartless but when he has a person he cares for, he will care for them greatly. He's sometimes too nice that people take advantage of him but at the same time he has the biggest ego and it rises high up higher than Wiz Khalifa.

He also has eyes, the kind of eyes that you could get lost and have an orgasm over; turquoise in color.

He can sometimes be a fuckboy and lies a lot, but only one person can keep him grounded which is his girlfriend. He chooses his girlfriend over everyone else but isn't whipped.

He is very annoying and doesn't take anything serious, everyone calls him immature because of the way he walks, talks and acts. He will do everything that is wrong but when it comes down to one person(his girlfriend), he may become serious.
Example 1:

Damn, is that Manoli?

Yeah man, he's with his girlfriend again.. Goals though.

Example 2:

What? Doesn't he have a girlfriend? Why is he with that other girl?

Ah, he's probably a Manoli.

Example 3:
*someone is being annoying and irritating*

Ugh, you're such a Manoli.
by Manoli's Girlfriend July 06, 2016
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