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Any expensive 4x4 that is driven in an urban environment as a status symbol (typically for the school run) and will never be driven off-road.
Look, that Chelsea Tractor nearly flattened that kid!
by ud40 February 23, 2005
Alcohol induced self-confidence
Getting home at 4am drunk and stinking of cheap perfume, slapping
your girlfriend on the arse and whispering "You’re next, Bitch."
by ud40 March 01, 2005
An offroad car that never goes offroad
a 4x4 that stays on road
by ud40 March 04, 2005
Someone who is totally obsessed with motor vehicles.
Won't that petrol head shut his motor mouth?
by ud40 March 04, 2005
Job title for people who do all of the hard work but get none of the credit.
Twenty years from now I'll still be a worker bee.
by ud40 February 23, 2005
Endearing nickname for Everton football club. Coined in 19th century when ladies would sell toffees at the home matches. Modern equivalent to this toffee is the black and white striped Everton Mint
Who are the Toffees playing this weekend?
by ud40 February 23, 2005
Too drunk to walk straight. Reference to the natural wobbling gait of a newt.

See also newted, pissed and As nissed as a pewt
Look at Mike, he's as pissed as a newt.
by ud40 March 11, 2005

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