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Used to expand a phrase, meaning a devastating experience of epic proportions from which nothing is salvageable.
1. What an atomic waste of time!
2. George just got an atomic wedgie.
by Martin December 15, 2003
EXTREMELLY cool, one step up from tubular
That dude is so fucking atomic

Atomic nose job Marie!
by ValleyDude November 04, 2004
1: A devastating experience of epic proportions from which nothing or very little is left intact.
2: Having to do with atoms or the atom in general.
Thats just atomic!
Today we will study atomic science.
by A being March 17, 2004
an adjective to describe someone or something of epic proportions usually to give praise; much like the word "bomb" but exponentially better.
-"Wow, she's so bomb!"

-"Eff that. That chick's atomic!"
by Branbandit October 20, 2009
A nickname for atomicMPC, a great community of, well, nerds. But well-meaning nerds.

Also a nickname for atomicMPC the magazine.
Hey did you catch last month's issue of atomic?

Hey, did you catch that thread in atomic?
by gimp June 26, 2004
Farts so bad (but quiet) that they burn when they come out and stink instantly, stinky so bad , thus for making the farter himself gag.
Dang Billy, I cant stand my own recticular explosions (atomics)
by wade robberson April 30, 2005
hanger around of computer related forums, such as bit-tech, lethalhardware, hexus, etc.

Has an avatar of a very nice pair of bouncing boobs.
Woof! I am a monkey.
by Atomic June 10, 2004
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