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their slogan is 'stop asking where the music is at'. They used to play a wide variety of music videos, then it turned into nothing but hip hop. heres the progression:
hip hop weekend, then
hip hop week, then
hip hop month
with the same three groups rapping. how lame. I saw 'till death do us part' on mtv and switched it to mtv2, only to see the same episode of till death do us part. I vomited all over my tv.
mtv2 says: stop asking where the musics at?
I say: when is mtv3 coming out?
by tyler March 05, 2004
A mod for the original Quake. Arguably the best FPS mod ever.
"Team Fortress is better than Counter Strike. No, I'm serious."
by Tyler July 27, 2004
I'm from Maryland. I'm not from the South . . . or the North; It's the Mid Atlantic. It's soda, not pop. It's a sub, not a hoagie. It's pizza not pie. It's the beach not the shore and I drink 'Wooder" not water. It's acceptable to say "where y'all goin?" in place of "where are you going?" And, for the record, I'm not a hick. It's DC not Washington. I know what bad traffic really looks like, how to use a traffic circle, And how to pump my own gas. I know what and where the Naval Academy is. I love crabs, corn, and snowballs There's no place like MD!!
maryland is better then any other state...
by tyler June 05, 2005
North American Marlin Brando Look ALikes- A group where people who look like Marlin Brando have meetings over how to get the rights of Nambla.com
"We need to get Nambla.com so those sick bastards don't give us a bad rep."
by Tyler June 19, 2004
"A little", As to not meet the requirements of "a lot"
"Danny, tune it down a scoch"
by Tyler June 19, 2006
Sub-style of metal. Sometimes also known as "doom metal" due to its often agonizingly slow pace, crushing heaviness, and gloomy lyrics. It's generally accepted to have been invented by Black Sabbath. Some stoner metal bands are retro-oriented, some aren't. Common elements include marijuana references (obviously), sci-fi/fantasy themes, extended instrumental jams, and tempos anywhere from plodding dirges to medium-paced rock (but rarely faster). Heavy-ass guitar riffage is essential.

Notable bands include Kyuss, Sleep, Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet, Electric Wizard, Orange Goblin, etc.
Stoner metal is cool, but I don't like the retro aesthetic a lot of bands use.
by Tyler July 27, 2004
anything and everything
Look at that jaun face.
Pass that jaun to the left.
by tyler December 12, 2003

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