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Text my phone
1. tmp for the info
by panda_smile March 30, 2015
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TMP also known as - Touch My Penis
One male is pinned down and another male pulls out his penis and begins to masterbate on to the first male. The first male must touch the other males penis (and suffer being called a faggot). If the penis is not touched, then the only way to end the game is by the other male finishing.
by TMP69696969696969 June 24, 2010
Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol. One of the best submachine guns in Counter-Strike. Too many underestimate it though, which is sad, becuase thanks to it's rate of fire, it's very easy to get headshots with it.
*** TMPM45742k4 killed -={fj33r}=-.v1p0r.(nosound).mp3 with a headshot from tmp ***
*** TMPM45742k4 killed ==r00l0rz==m0nk3ysh1t with a headshot from tmp ***
*** TMPM45742k4 killed |x0rz|1337|)00|).0wN4g3^ with a headshot from tmp ***

-={fj33r}=-.v1p0r.(nosound).mp3: OMFG
==r00l0rz==m0nk3ysh1t: what a lucky n00b
|x0rz|1337|)00|).0wN4g3: are you g*y?
TMPM45742k4: STFU tmp 0wnz0rz j00 @$5
by chs February 19, 2004
1.Can be summed up in 2 words: Ownage Machine
2.Gun that noobs think is weak
1.P1:I weild the ownage machin!
P2:Oh you mean the TMP?
2.Omfg wtf h4x wtf he kild me w/ teh tmp wtf wat a h4x0r tmp si teh suk!
by Cheshire July 29, 2003
Acronym for "too much pressure".
Could also be used in the context of something being too much effort, and you can't be bothered.

Created by Rosie Lord and not George Shiel
I'm not going tonight its just tmp right now
by qwertyuioPasdfghjkLzxcvbnmz January 27, 2011
A very underrated weapon in Counter-Strike. It is best used at close range, and for clearing out rooms. Because of the recoil and fast rate of fire, the bullets will recoil just enough to hit them in the head.
TMP is rumored to stand for Too Much Pwnage.
by PeaTearGriffin March 13, 2006
An extremely powerfull weapon cablable of killing anything in its path. Many people try to use the TMP, but fail misserably.
Only the best hugest nerds that play CS all day long, are able to snipe with the TMP on maps such as de_dust2 and de_inferno

Many times have i been raped by a huge nerd at huge ranged, but this is only possible with a TMP.

The only weapon cabable of beating a huge nerd with a TMP is a huge nerd with duel scoped, duel berreta elites with duel laser sights.
Huge nerd #1 is CT and buys TMP.
Huge nerd #1's team is ecoing and decides to all camp B.
Huge nerd #2 is T and buys Elites.

Huge nerd #1 tries to sniper with the TMP at mid through DD.
Huge nerd #2 Duel Sniper Duel Elites mid from T spawn.

Huge nerd #2 killed Huge nerd #1 with a duel elites
Huge nerd #2 killed SK|Heaton with a duel elites
Huge nerd #2 killed SK|Potti with a duel elites
Huge nerd #2 killed SK|Fisker with a duel elites
Huge nerd #2 killed SK|Element with a duel elites

by Demon February 02, 2005

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