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receiving it from julia richardson in a pirate like manner.
That pirate style sex was so hot, me matey.
by sexysamsamwhatthepankackes December 31, 2010
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Drinking alcohol straight from the bottle.
I did not want to get up to get a glass, so I decided to drink it 'Pirate Style.'
by The Wino February 25, 2013
After recieving oral sex, you jiz in the girls eye, punch her in the mouth, and kick out her leg. Then she proceeds to jump around on one leg, holding her eye going Arrgh Arrgh
I just gave it to that girl, pirate style.
by Spot March 09, 2004
When u fist your partner in the ass, grab some shit and make your partner choke on it while yelling "YARRRR HOWS THAT BOOTY?"
Me and my girlfriend did it Pirate Style last night. i was like SHIIIIIIIT
by Uknowwhoitis November 02, 2009
When a man/female yanks out his/her eye socketor already doneand sticks it in another man's penis.

Commonly known as pirate style.
"After Billy the pirate stuck his empty eyesocket in another man's penis, pirate style, he got eye booger all over him"
by Helloiseeu2 March 19, 2009

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