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the word used to describe a policy that is not in favor of the people
The healthcare laws are an obamanation to the people of this country
by twistednick August 04, 2012
A sock or towel used in jacking off to eliminate hand to penis contact. Normally found in bunks in jail cells, boy scout camps, and tour bus bunks. They should always be handled with gloves or a stick due to the nature of the goo they normally contain.
Why are there socks in all the bunks? Don't touch them, they're fi-fi bags!
by twistednick December 28, 2009
1.Someone and or something with a extreemly strong smell or scent, a strong odor 2. the vaginal scent 3. a voracious aroma
she's real nice looking but the varoma kills it.
by twistednick January 04, 2010
when a hot mom know she's hot and let's you know she's hot.
WOW, her mom has milfatude!
by twistednick July 25, 2010
any gathering or get-together that has a majority of women such as concerts, festivals, springbreak, ect.
Wow! The Elvis concert was great, I'll bet it's a pussyfest backstage!
by twistednick January 08, 2010
A woman or gay man that cruises the backstage area in search of giving oral gradification to any and all willing and able bodied persons
Don't kiss that one ,she's a sperm banker!
by twistednick December 28, 2009
The sheaded bits if dread locks on the floor from rastas,pseudo-rastas,and faux-rastas that plug up the vacuum cleaner.
My vacuum burned up because it was packed full of tumbledreads.
by twistednick December 28, 2009
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