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During rough sex you choke a girl with your left arm extended and your right arm is slightly bent while fingering her ass with a minimum of three fingers. When executing this move properly you should look like Elvis Presley doing one of his famous karate poses.
My buddy Kenny was feeling a bit frisky this weekend and pulled out "The Elvis" on an unsuspecting fuck buddy, needless to say she now calls him her hunk of burning love.
#the elvis #choke #choking #funny sex moves #elvis #sex #asphyxiation
by HamDog Millionaire October 10, 2011
When you dry hump your boyfriend by gyrating your hips until he cums in your hand. Then you use the cum to slick back his hair and say, “Thank you, thank you very much. You’ve been Elvised!”
Last night my girlfriend got me back for spidermanning her last week. She got me good withThe Elvis! Touché!
#cum #sperm #dry hump #spiderman #gyrating
by veggie steak August 14, 2009
When a girl sucks your dick while you are standing up shaking your hips.

Optional : also while you are singing an elvis song.
I drank so much coffee on our date and when we went back to my place I was so jittery and she started sucking my dick so I decided it would be the perfect time to Do The Elvis
( you ain't nothin but a hound dog!!!)
#fat elvis #the elvis #hound dog #elvis #elvis presley
by Ohlalalalalala May 05, 2015
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