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15 definitions by thingoneandthingtwo

"King's Row" is an expression that means everything is going really well as much as it is a way of saying you, the speaker, appreciate the other person whom you are addressing.

It is not a reference to the 1942 movie directed by Sam Wood that featured Ronald Regan. Ann Sheridan, and Robert Cummings.

It has originated among snowboarders, skiers, and locals along the California/Nevada border in the Tahoe Basin.
George Grey: "Hey, how's it going?"

Oscar Pistorius: "King's Row, King's Row...(mate, man, buddy, friend, amigo, brother, sister, etc)!"
by thingoneandthingtwo January 23, 2012
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1) To make a deal with God that you will never repeat an evil sin (such as taking drugs or overindulging), UNTIL you feel better.

2) To scream what is really on your mind sporadically, in the midst of seemingly normal conversation or discourse.

In honor of the late comedian, Samuel Burl Kinison.
As "Big Mike" reclined, sitting upright to fight his acid reflux, he kinisoned that he would never again spend the better half of the day at the "all you can eat" buffet again.
by thingoneandthingtwo February 22, 2012
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Absurd, ridiculous, nonsensical, unlikely, and/or untruthful things people post on Facebook.
Tiffany just said she is engaged to Darryl's brother and that they have twins on the way. The wedding is supposed to be in April. That's a bunch of facebunk if you ask me!
by thingoneandthingtwo February 22, 2012
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A lot of chocolate.
I'd be happy with flowers and chocolot for my birthday.
by thingoneandthingtwo February 19, 2012
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Generally refers to subjects of the male persuasion:

A "hoser."

Someone who you dislike enough that you mustn't say their name out loud. And ironically, a way to call a friend that makes you laugh and is odd enough to warrant the title.

A deceptive, stealthy, yet lazy person.

A sleeping large pig.
That sombysow has slept with every girl around here, not to mention he owes me 20 bucks!
by thingoneandthingtwo October 26, 2011
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An Australian cattledog with a predilection for climbing into garbage cans and eating obnoxious, nasty stuff.
"Elwood" is the biggest skankmaster that ever lived!
by thingoneandthingtwo May 09, 2010
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Cattivity is the state of too many cats living in one home.
The old lady down the street might want this orphan kitten. That's the most extreme case of cattivity that I have ever seen! She seems to take good care of them, though.
by thingoneandthingtwo February 25, 2012
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