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United States debt that is a spectacular blunder. It has snowballed for several years and is now at its peak. It is the result of the US fussbudget failure. It will be known for historically peaking in 2012. It can only be cured by great ingenuity, hard work, and perseverance.
Congress has failed to improve the fussbudget, so now we are forced to face an even worse fussdeficit.
by thingoneandthingtwo January 25, 2012
A female's bladder which requires frequent trips to restrooms to empty itself.

The bladder of a gal, or girl.
"Where did your girlfriend go?"

"Oh, she is emptying her galbladder in the bathroom for the fiftieth time today!"
by thingoneandthingtwo January 24, 2012
"Poohbar" is something a mother loves to call her son (that he most likely doesn't want to hear, especially in the company of others). It is an endearing, affectionate term that some adoring mothers have difficulty removing from their vocabulary due to the fact that their child/children is/are so special.

Poohbar is a variation of the "Winnie the Pooh" character who is also known as "Pooh Bear."
Mother: "Hi Poohbar! How much longer will you be working on that project? I was thinking we'd have dinner at 7."

Son: "Mom, don't call me that! I'm not a baby, anymore. I'm an adult!"
by thingoneandthingtwo March 08, 2012
Since the prices of gas are not coming down and there is no relief in sight, "relief at the pump" NOW means taking a piss on the pump, dump on the pump, or displaying some other form of aggressive or disagreeable behavior.

Urinating or defecating on the gas pump.
Jack was so ticked off that gas was $5.00/gallon when he was on his ski vacation that he got "relief at the pump" by peeing on the pump! What an idiot! Still, I can't say I blame him!
by thingoneandthingtwo March 04, 2012
The nonproductive practice of brooding over things. To dwell on things negatively. A mental state of gloom and doom.
I can't stand his broodism. Perhaps he should consider getting a lobotomy! All he can talk about is how miserable he is.
by thingoneandthingtwo March 05, 2012
A budding actress destined for stardom. A female musician/performer that is sure to be famous. An energized and talented female rock musician/vocalist. Someone who looks so marvelous that they must indeed BE marvelous!

Also, can be spelled rockstarlette.
Whoa, that Mary Jane is a rockstarlet, would you look at those legs... not to mention her dynamite smile, personality and figure!
by thingoneandthingtwo March 28, 2012
a douche bag; a fake; an arrogant yet stupid slob; a user/abuser of people or things; a synthetic penis; a jerk.
That guy from Janesville is such a dilwacker! That's the last time I'll let him date my daughter!
by thingoneandthingtwo May 25, 2012

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