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1. A very small school district in New York. Nothing really of interest.
2. Boring
3. "The worst fucking place to grow up"
4. Home of the Cole train
Person 1 "Yeah I'm from Elwood."
Person 2 "Where the hell is that?"
Person 1 "You know harborfields?"
Person 2 "Yeah"
Person 1 "Its near there"
Person 2 "Oh ok."

Person 1 "Hey lets go do something"
Person 2 "Like what? This is Elwood, theres nothing to do!"

3. "Man Elwood sucks!"

4. "Oh shit, now you fucked up. the Cole trains coming!"

by Tycho U. Brahe January 14, 2009
A little district on long island.

you know your from elwood when...
1.You know everyones name in your school.
2.Theres about 200 people in your grade and even thats huge.
3.Everyone knows who you are and everything about you, before you do.
4.You think Burke or Geiser is hott.
5.Everyone not from elwood goes to elwood shopping center
6.Verley Park is the hot spot.
7.The Sit Down Lady is the only lunch lady you can bitch out on.
8.Elwood is probably the smallest town and you refuse to walk anywhere.
9.People who live 15 minutes away down know what "elwood' is.
10.You come home from class color day looking like an alien.
11.Everyone has had atleast one rumor spread about them
12.Your called a whore, no matter what you do.
13.You only run Track to stare at Burke
14.Tropical Smoothie is wear you spend all your money.
15.No good movies ever play at Elwood Quad
16.You know all the shortcuts for everything
17.You know the quick way through the fences near the tenis courts.
18.You know which side of the cafeteria to sit on.
19.You wish there was still feild day at the end of there year
20.You say you hate your life atleast once a week
21.You wanna move far far away
22.You hate that elwood is so small
23.You go in the El's on halloween and come home covered in shaving cream and other things.
24.You used to to know the lock combo for the ice machine.
25.Ms.Gise or however u wanna spell is is the only lunch lady i wouldnt talk back to.
26.mkay mkay mkay mkay. you have had mr.trabulsi or mr.mead
Im a hardcore elwoodian bitch.
by NICOLE PALMA November 06, 2007
What a non-Spanish Speaking gentleman would call their "Boner" if they were with a Non-english speaking lady of spanish origin.
Yo biatch..el jumpo on el wood.boner
by The Big Woody October 10, 2009
A name you call someone when they're holding the bong or blunt and telling a story, taking forever to pass it. See Bogart
"hey Elwood, hit it already!"
by Frisbee Dan May 15, 2009
A way of riding cock that includes gyrating and clucking like a chicken with the motions
That bitch does the elwood when she gets on my cock
by fabbycakes September 15, 2009
1990 Jeep Cherokee Grand Wagoneer.
Grey with fake wood paneling.
Purpose: to have sex in and is also great for hauling band equipment.
My first car was Elwood.
by Shelby Stafford April 03, 2006
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