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Occationally when you cough up a little white wax-like ball of extreme poop stink that has been accumulating in the back of your throat.

also known as bad breath chunk, or poop chunk
I coughed up a stink chunk today and played with it... it smelled like rotton pussy poop wiener.
by therivordreward May 18, 2005
abnormally large or stretched out, hangy,vaginal lips.
I got my bison hoof stuck in the zipper of my jeans yesterday!
by therivordreward May 18, 2005
1.Rapidly guzzling down your beverage of choice, usually contains alchohol.

2.Being the first person out of alcohol at a party.
Look at guzzle tooth go to town on that bottle of jaggermeister!!
by therivordreward May 18, 2005
A female who is constantly scratching her crotch area, in front of others.
That front scratcher better go to the gyno soon, this is getting gross!!
by therivordreward May 18, 2005
A woman's sloppy vagina on the rag.
Her bloody gunshot wound was unbearable to have sex with.
by therivordreward May 18, 2005
A really smelly dirty dick.
I was giving Ron head last night and he had a REAL stink pickle.
by therivordreward May 18, 2005

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