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1950s term short for marvelous. fantastic, awesome.

Sounded cool in the 50s now it will get you killed.
student #1 1959: How do you like my new shoes?
student #2 1959: Marvy!
student #1 1959: cool

student #1 2009: How do you like my new shoes?
student #2 2009: Marvy!
student #1 2009 You're dead!
by thedzone October 07, 2009
Nice way of saying mother-fucking son of a bitch. Old Sea Captain/pirate's term: Because you were considered to be a weenie if your liver couldn't handle liquor and you did not have your sea legs...arrr.
Swab the decks and man the main sail you lily livered land lovers; batten down the hatches before I have you all keel hauled!!! Arrr!
by thedzone October 14, 2009
Back in the good old days, some Jack in the Box workers would throw in a free gift like a balloon after you ordered food. Later you could buy items of their now forgotten characters: Onion Ring Thing, Hambugermeister, Small Fry, Secret Sauce Agent and Jack.
Hey what's this in my bag?...a Jack in the Box surprise...cool!
by thedzone October 07, 2009
A totally cool little character from the old Felix the Cat cartoon on TV: He used his booming voice to blow holes through mountains.
Felix: Hey Vavoom this path stops here can you help?

Vavoom: Vavoooooooooom!!!!!!!!!!

Felix: Thanks Vavoom!
by thedzone October 06, 2009
1. A term for a firecracker.
2. In marbles, a way of scamming the other player by calling "Cherry Bombs" and dropping your marble on top of his.
3. A virgin shoving her open vagina in someone's face.
1. Someone cherry-bombed the toilets again!
2. Debbie cheated me out of a marble by calling "Cherry Bombs"!!.
3. OMG Sherry gave Bobby a Cherry Bomb!!!
by thedzone May 02, 2010
Term from Shakespearean days: Brazen meaning: snippy, saucy, bitchy, bold, conceited. Wench meaning: woman...usually young and of low class like a servant, bimbo, bar floozy, or whore. Technically means bitchy young woman but can be used for any woman. Term is often used as an insult.
Modern Times: Did you see her dance with your man...what a
brazen wench!
Days of Yore: Off with ye now ye brazen wench (slaps her ass) fetch me my pint of ale!!!
by thedzone October 19, 2009
The male alternative to bimbo. Usually a lazy boyfriend that doesn't work very often if at all. A couch potato. A man that uses women for food, shelter, and clothing. A moocher.
She does all the work and cooks too...he does nothing he's such a bumbo.
Mom told me I should've never married that bumbo.
by thedzone October 13, 2009
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