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1. Big-ass war planes that dropped big-ass bombs on Vietnam.
2. Pop band with hits like Rock Lobster and Love Shack.
1. GI Joe drop big bomb-B52...we die.

2. How did The B52s ever get a record deal?...seriously!
#war #music #boom #you die joe #punk
by thedzone October 08, 2009
An object, concept, title, name, or comic book hero. Many uses of, and for this word.
Object: What's that thing on Led Zeppelin's Presence album cover.
Concept: Did you come up with any thing at all?
Title: THE THING--coming to a theater near you!
Name: Ted Cassidy played Thing on the Addams Family.
Comic book hero: The Thing is here to save us from doom!!

Ever see that cheeseburger car the Volkswagen Thing?
Not in person thank God!
#it #that #anything #something #nothing
by thedzone October 11, 2009
Mean small dog that yipes all day long...all night long.

Little dogs you want to kill cuz they never shut up.

Yorkies, Pekinese, wiener-dogs poodles...etc.
I wish that yiper across the street would shut up: one of these days I'm gonna squash it like a pumpkin!
#yipper #toy dog #old lady dog #ankle biter #dead meat
by thedzone October 09, 2009
Old term for making a mistake.

Ususally phrased "pulled a boner".

Why the word bone or boner means mistake, I have no idea:

Perhaps from accidentally hitting your funny bone, acting like a bonehead; or a grave robber pulling out a bone instead of jewels from a grave...just guessing!

Nowadays if you tell someone you "pulled a boner" they might think you are gay if you are a man or horny if you are a woman!
They really pulled a boner when they hired that bozo to run the steam roller: he flattened a BMW!

I thought that black guy on the phone was white--pulled a boner on that one!

Don't pull a boner this time you dope!
#mistake #fool #oops #clutz #screwed up #snafu #messed up
by thedzone September 26, 2009
1970s TV show: The young Black's alternative to American Bandstand. It featured Black music and Black dancers with a Black host and had Black advertisements like Afro Sheen. It's time for Soooooooooooooooooooooooooul Train!
Did you ever watch Soul train?
Only for kicks!...Bandstand was better.
#uncle tom #white-ass honky #token #jive #politically correct
by thedzone October 15, 2009
A fool or nerd that acts worse than a Gomer.

Probably from the Andy Griffith TV series because Goober was dumber than Gomer; and he wore a dumb hat like Jughead from the Archies comics.

I would much rather be called a Gomer than a Goober!
Stop acting like a goober you dumb-ass!

He just ate the garnish--what a goober!

That goober just pissed his pants!
#nerd #fool #geek #dweeb #gomer #jughead #bonehead #putz #retard
by thedzone September 22, 2009
Pool or pocket billiards term meaning: You are about to lose a game of eight ball because the opposing player is shooting the eight ball to win the game, and you are there standing or sitting behind it.

Has come to modern usage meaning you are in a bad situation or about to lose....or lost someone or something.
That new guy who was a math wiz left today: now we're really behind the eight ball.

I've been behind the eight ball ever since she left.

They put us behind the eight ball when they drafted that kid from Pacoima in the first round!
#bad luck #the blues #the dumps #underdog #screwed under
by thedzone September 24, 2009
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