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A crazy nigger who cock fights. And because he's a nigger, he uses big cocks. His uncle was also Toby Kunta Kinte.
George: Yes masa, i's fights with me cocks and wins me some fights.

Masa: Good nigger George, one day you might have some niglets of your own, you dirty nigger.

George: Why you so kind massa, I fucking this big booty nigger bitch. I'm hoping for niglets by harvest time.

Massa: Sorry George, I already done fucked your wife 5 times this, those will probably be half-niglets.higlets
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character from the book and movie Roots. This "i love smoking pot" character seems fixated on the idea of George having a large penis. Pot-head is obviously a white faggot with severe issues concerning Black manhood. He wishes slavery still existed, but not with me on his plantation. I would have blown his head off.
racist cracKKKas, go back to filthy europe with its faggots, nazis, pedophiles and all other manner of detritis.
by Canada street's in the bldg April 24, 2005
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The act of being whipped by a Dominatrix... whilst playing the fiddle.
"Mr. Kinte could not believe he just saw Chicken George receiving a "Chicken George " down at the Old Swamp Shack !"
by Apple Jaxx May 15, 2016
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Character from roots, the "i love smoking pot" tosser should back up his words and come to Handsworth with his views on his t-shirt. He won't turn up though because he will get hospitalized and all the nurses will see how small his little white knob is.
Probably has a sports car and a dumb blonde girlfriend - more like chicken dick than Chicken George really.
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